Why Social Media?

Fundraising Better

Fundraising through social media is now easier and more successful. You’re followers can donate to your organisation directly through your social media channels. Are you utilising this to get the most out of your donors?

Brand Better

Branding initiatives can give you the boost you need for raising funds. This is a good place to start, but it shouldn’t be the extent of your branding objectives – let your brand do more; let it be a launchpad to tackle grand, long-term social goals while strengthening your organisational identity. Allow your brand to represent an entire idea or mission.

Social Media is the perfect platform to do this! You’re brand’s messaging can reach thousands of people at an extremely cost-effective rate.

Campaigning Better

Never before have we been able to mobilise supporters in the way that social media allows us to! Digital campaigning should be at the forefront of your organisations strategy. Through effective social media campaigns we can work together to make the change that your organisation wants to see in the world. 

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