African Gay Pride Festival Cancelled: Organisers Realise Homosexuality Illegal

The North West African Pride Festival has been unfortunately cancelled today! The festival which was due to take place this weekend was billed as an LGBTQI+ extravaganza with events occurring in multiple cities across several countries. Some of the colourful events planned where the suggestively named ‘Free Willy Parade,’ in Nigerian capital city Abuja, The ‘Collective of Lesbians and Informed Trans people, aka C.L.I.T  had been creating a secretive art instillation, making use of light and themes of sexual liberty.’ Even the fundraising concert in Dakar, Senegal  which was to be headlined by Pussy Riot and MC’d by Rupaul, has shockingly been cancelled.

When asked by The Glass Wall why the festival was cancelled, the organisers said ‘we actually had no idea it was illegal to be gay in most of these countries, to be honest I was sceptical as to why such an event hadn’t happened before!’ Said a spokesperson for the organisers; a group of young American volunteers who clearly meant their best, but by their own admission had little to no knowledge at all about the legal status of homosexuality in the countries of North West Africa. One such student had this to say on the issue ‘Yeah like okay, when I think of Africa, yeah obviously no food, obviously no water, but I thought they’d be super chill about like, laws and stuff because of that. Kind of like burning man with less art? I mean HIV/AIDs is so popular out here, we just thought there’d be a big group of homosexuals that wanted to party’. Sadly, the organisers were wrong.

The organisers gave The Glass Wall the exclusive on how they discovered homosexuality was illegal in these countries. ‘It was so lame, we were worried because all of our event pages on Facebook had lots of people interested, mostly by friends of ours from college back home but no one had actually clicked attending and I had sunk a large amount of my dad’s money into this so I was definitely worried about being cut off again!’ When pressed for the exact moment they realised the group look around exchanging glances until one girl who wishes to be referred to only as Samantha or her Instagram handle ‘@SammyLovesLife’ said ‘we got one ”maybe,” it was a girl I met on my surf holiday in Morocco, she was enthusiastic but told us to be careful, we didn’t understand at the time, but then we got word she’d been attacked by people in her local area, we investigated further and the police were not willing to help and they ultimately informed us it was illegal to be homosexual. From then on we were definitely worried.”

“We started googling it was like, Nigeria; illegal, Gambia; illegal, Guinea; illegal, Uganda; Illegal, Algeria; Illegal and it wasn’t just the North West! It’s illegal to be gay in 33 of the 54 African countries, particularly in the “Horn” of Africa which I personally found kind of ironic.” One disgruntled member of the group verified.

More research from the group lead them to this video:

When asked what their plans are now one member of the group smirked and said ‘We’re getting the fuck out of here man! Our parents have arranged flights to more western leaning developing countries. I, for example am going to South America. I’ll probably end up throwing a pride festival there!’ The rest of the group nodded enthusiastically. “You know there’s only so much we can do to save Africa, but as a group, we feel this is beyond our reach” concluded the lad in the group with dreadlocks.

By Niall Donnelly

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