What’s the Story with ‘Post-Truth’?

It’s the 21st century, information is everywhere. Knowledge is at the tip of your fingers. What’s happening on the other side of the world can be found out within seconds. Anything from a country’s economic situation to memes for wholesome teens are just a click away. Anybody can post or check pretty much anything. You’d think surely people can call bullshit on what’s written because it can be checked so quickly?


This freedom has now allowed almost anything to be written anonymously without much backlash. Clickbait websites use bold headlines that sound appealing to get cheap and easy clicks. But they often contain factually questionable material. Because there’s so much info being thrown at us, it’s easy to believe what’s written in front of us without actually questioning it.

What is “Post-Truth” actually trying to say?

Post-truth is as good as saying “I think this, therefore this is a fact” (Could be Donald Trump’s personal motto). I can start out as stretching small inaccuracies all the way up to flat out lying. In fact objective facts don’t have a place in this post-truth world. This use of falsehood in any situation has the effect of constantly influencing public opinion, often because the falsehoods are more personally appealing than the objective facts. The term can be applied in large number of ways including how tabloids sell their papers or how politicians can obtain public approval.


Politicians have often had a tendency to stretch the truth and in a lot of cases tend to get away with it. This has resulted in easy access fact checking websites such as FactCheck.org or PolitiFact.com to pop up. Check em out y’all.

Is it that serious and do politicians really make up stuff that much?

Looking at an easy example of recent US elect Donald Trump. In the last year he’s come out with some of the most obscene statements unashamedly and obviously false. He and his administration flat out lied about the attendance numbers (compensating for something, eh Donald?). Instead of just admitting he was wrong and just retracting the statement himself and his administration insisted they were correct and were just following a set of “alternative facts”. Yes that is correct. Alternative facts also known as lies, and they stood by this because it fits their agenda.

Trump isn’t the only politician to be subject to post-truth politics. During the Brexit campaign a number of the leave campaign tactics were declared to be misleading (see  pic below). Although they were not outright lies, they were inaccurate enough to not only be incorrect but also to be strong enough to disconnect the facts from the emotional connections that people wanted to be true.

pt-2         This bus from the Brexit campaign was (‘post-truth’ ) a lie. Can’t even trust buses anymore 😥 

In a world where facts are so easy to find and truth is so close there should be no lies from politicians, media, teachers or anyone for that matter. So the next time you listen to somebody talk or read an article, check the facts.

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