What’s the Story With ‘The Glass Wall’?

Generation Fucked

We are the young people of Ireland. The students. The hard workers.  The creative. The highly educated. The lazy. The narcissistic. The entitled. Millennials. Generation snowflake. Generation fucked. Whatever you want to call us.

Trapped in a system that doesn’t represent us, we’re often left out in decisions made by our government. A demographic that has inherited a world in turmoil. Grim job prospects, emigration, constant increases in college fees, the list goes on.

It’s our future that they’re fucking up. It’s time we take action. Time to smash the glass wall.

Social Activism

Social activism in Ireland has come a long way since the spark from the marriage referendum. Young Irish people have proved time and again that given the platform they can achieve incredible things. Apollo house, the National College of Art & Design sit in and the Repeal movement are some examples of this, but there are many, many more.

From the outside social activism can seem like an exclusive circle of professionals and experts, but that’s really not the case. Anyone can get involved through a variety of ways. Your background or how much you know doesn’t matter, all you need to have is a passion to make a change.

It’s easy to see problems and talk about them, but it’s not as hard as you might think to take action.

The Glass Wall

The Glass Wall came out of nowhere. We went to an exhibition on direct provision in the NCAD Gallery. By chance we started talking to the curator of the gallery and she offered the space in the gallery for us to promote social issues in anyway we wanted. We ran with the idea, going through a whole series of changes in ideas of how to go about it. Finally we ended up with trying to inspire social activism, in the same way we had been.

Organic, grassroots and creative activism is what we’re all about. Our aim is to facilitate this in any way we can. We’re going to inform people about these issues in an accessible way, through the content on our website and through social media. We’re running events that both raise money for charities and seek to inspire people to take action. Finally, we’ll be hosting workshops and guest speakers that can help people on their way to act.

For anyone who wants to make a positive change in the world we’re here to guide you on your way.

One Comment on “What’s the Story With ‘The Glass Wall’?

  1. This sounds class, really looking forward to hearing more about this and how I can get involved? I’ll be keeping an eye out 🙂


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